About Us

About Us: Vizsla Graphics (Say Veesh-La)
Now known as Brown Dog Promos!

More About Us: The most common question we get  asked is “how did you get your name?”

The short answer is: It is the breed of dog we have.

The long answer of how we arrived at it is:

When I started this company it was late 1988. The economy had just taken a major plunge and I was at a crossroads deciding what to do with my future and how to take care of my wife of four years, our young son and the young mortgage on our new house.

My brilliant wife Linda asked a simple question, ” what have you enjoyed doing most of all your jobs?”

My answer was selling for a company that manufactured self sticking labels and decals. I really did love it! It was creative and fun and the clients were “right brainers” craving creativity and problem solving, not “left brainers”, just wanting the lowest price.

So without a clue I decided to start this business, but it needed a name.

We decided to brainstorm over a bottle or two of wine and after agonizing back and forth on a slew of names, our dog (a rescue Vizsla), who was snoozing at our feet, inadvertently let out a long, low moan which made us burst out in laughter because it seemed even he was tired of this naming process.

The laughter gave us a burst of energy and as the wine gave us new creativity, we started thinking of names that had to do with our dog…. Cowboy Advertising (his name), Dog Dreams, Doggie Specialties….. on and on we went until one of us said Vizsla Graphics (his breed) and it stuck.

Here we are years later and we are still coaching people on spelling and pronouncing it (Say Veesh-La). This is why we went to BrownDogPromos.com. It is just easier to communicate.

The labels and decals gave us a great start. Everyone uses them and soon our clients started asking for pens, tee shirts, coffee mugs and other promotional goodies.  We said OK and never looked back.

We have stayed a small company by design. I am proud to say I have missed very little in my family’s day to day life.

In the office, it’s me you will get most of the time, Linda takes care of the books and the kids (all three of them) put stickers on the catalogs, do light filing, send faxes and answer the phone whenever they are in the office.

My philosophy is to love what I do and help my clients be successful by charging a fair price for our services. I often tell people that “We do not have the lowest price… We have the lowest case of failure“.

Thanks for reading this. For any more questions on us or to learn how to rescue a Vizsla just give us a call.